Organize: By organizing your business’s entire financial picture, we bring into focus exactly where your balance sheet is right now and continually throughout time. Our steps to planning provide for optimal utilization of cash flow, employee retention, business interruption, risk management, and exit planning. 

Goals: To best work on your behalf, we need to understand what is most important to you. Here, we will take the time to clearly define the goals of your company.  We will then use your vision to guide us to the areas to address first.

Some Common Planning Priorities:
Maximize Corporate Cash Flow:  What is the highest and best use of cash flow for your business? How will your answer change as you get closer to retirement? Business owners spend most of their careers reinvesting back into their business to grow the company, forsaking their personal balance sheets along the way.  We will help you examine your corporate cash flow to ensure you are building a powerful business and a powerful personal balance sheet so you can one day retire on your terms.

Key Employee Retention:  A business’s most valuable assets are generally its employees.  Great employees add immense value, they are difficult to find and even more difficult to keep. This only happens by recruiting, rewarding and retaining phenomenal people.  Key employee retention provides creative ways to incentivize employees to stay with your business for 10, 15, 20 years so your business value is enhanced.

Exit Planning:  Eventually, all roads lead to Exit Planning. Therefore, every decision made around business planning should be done through the lens of Exit Planning and as the desired date approaches a more formalized Exit Planning Process will be necessary to ensure that you leave your business when you want to, to who you want to, and for the amount you want to. An important part of this is planning ahead to minimize transfer taxes and preparing an estate plan.

Business Interruptions and Changes:  To ensure business sustainability, we plan for all continuation contingencies to optimize your financial future – no matter what life throws at you along the way.

Deferred Compensation: Retirement Plans for business owners, employees.