September 2019 Physician Newsletter


In this issue we’re covering topics that are often missed in our CME classes, but are useful to know. The first one covers recent news in the use of Genetic Editing in humans, the next is on Business Income Protection, and for the third topic, it is in the fascinating genre of how the quantum realm affects our health and lives – in each issue I’ll include a topic that explores this. This month’s third topic is on our energy is on How Stress Affects Health.

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Dr. Joshel Brown, Financial Advisor and DPM

CRISPR Enters Its First Human Clinical Trials

Let’s start with: What is CRISPR? It’s a genetic engineering tool that uses short repetitions of genetic code to edit base pairs of genes. Basically, it’s a gene editing process. “Since its debut in 2012, CRISPR gene editing has held the promise of curing most of the over 6,000 known genetic diseases. Now it’s being put to the test.” “CRISPR’s reputation was tarnished last year after a researcher in China edited a gene in embryos that went on to develop into two baby girls in 2018. The current CRISPR trials don’t have the same ethical challenges – the therapies are being tested in adults and children, and won’t lead to DNA changes that can be inherited.” This comment on using the technology in the eye was intriguing to say the least: “In an upcoming trial, people with an inherited blindness will have molecular scissors injected into their eyes.” Say what?!? (For the rest, see link above.)

Business Overhead Insurance: What It Is and What It Can Do For You

This type of coverage is also known as “Overhead Expense Insurance.”  It is used to protect  your business’s ability to meet everyday business expenses when a business owner or partner is too sick or injured to work. It’s a form of disability insurance and can provide for up to 100% of covered expenses such as: Rent, utilities, taxes, loan payments, salary and benefits of non-owner employees as well as up to 50% of the salary of your replacement. That means if a physician has this coverage, not only will it cover staff, mortgage/rent payments and utilities, but it can also cover some of the salary for another doctor to take your place while you heal! This coverage has kept many practices alive during hard times. (For more information on coverage options, see link above, Page 10.) 

Telomere Shortening and Stress

This is an interesting topic, as it’s not often one of the first concerns that most western physicians think of when treating patients with declining health. Bruce Lipton, a microbiologist, has proven that individual cells are not physically able to be in stress (protection) mode while they are in growth and healing mode. They can’t physically do both at the same time – it’s one or the other. Knowing that, this information is important to address. “Stress has been reported to accelerate aging and the onset of age-related diseases. Recent research links both chronic and perceived stress with telomere shortening, a phenomenon with a known relationship to cellular aging. Research has shown that psychological stress can influence telomere length through several pathways. Apart from oxidative stress, research has linked other physiological effects of psychological stress to telomere length.” (For the rest, see link above.) 

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